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Intelligent Rain-Sewage Divider

This is a new kind of pump station, witch can easily divide sewage and rain water, this product can improve water surroundings immensely.

Our Advantage

Customized Solutions

According to customer’s conditions and water quality, we provide customized solutions.

Various Working model

The divider has several working model, sunny model, early-rain model, rainstorm model, preventing backflow model. The combination of those working model realize it’s main function.

Reliable and Intelligent

CFD optimization makes it safe and reliable. Self-studying will make the product becoming more and more intelligent.

Unattended Operation

JWC’s control system makes controller’s work become easier, workers can control station by cell-phone or computer far away, also they can call for our help anytime.

Various Working Model


Sunny model 

The sewage get into the body along water inlet pipe, the rain water gate close, sewage goes out along low sewage outlet pipe. When sewage pipe network at high water level , the pumps begin work, sewage goes out along high sewage pipe.

Early rain model

Early rain in the body goes out along the sewage pipe, as rain continuing pollutant reducing, the rain gate opens gradually, and rain water goes out along the rain pipe.

Rainstorm model

In this model, sewage gates close, and rain water gate opens fully, rain water flows along the rain water outlet pipe.

Preventing backflow model

When the river or lake is at high water level, the rain water gate closes, pumps begin working, the water goes out along both the high and low sewage pipes.

Working status table

Sewage GateRain GatePump#1Pump#2
Dry seasonPumping level>Inner Level
Warning level>Inner level>Pumping level
Before rainWarning level>Inner level
Early rainWarning level>Inner level>Pumping level
Rainy seasonInner level> Warning level
pumps working

Inner level> Warning level 

Sewage networks is at high level

Prevent backflowThe river is at high level