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Integrated Sewage Dealing Equipment

Integration needs less land occupation, less cost, less work, and it can provide powerful sewage dealing.

Our Advantage

Customized Solutions

According to customer’s conditions and water quality, we provide customized solutions.

Mature procedures

The equipment adopts A/O or A2/O + MBR route, a mature and reliable process, high level corrosion resistance consideration makes equipment safer.

High Integration

High integration makes equip small and exquisite, less land occupation, flexible layout, environment friendly. It can be used in different area, like shopping mall, hospital, factory, community etc.

Unattended Operation

JWC’s control system makes controller’s work become easier, workers can control station by cell-phone or computer far away, also they can call for our help anytime.

Economy and Applicability

In the design link, we consider economics, water condition and local discharge standard comprehensively, ensuring a best solution.