Jiefusen in United Kingdom

Address: the Chase Bussiness Centre, 39-41 chase side, London, N14 5BP

E-mail: JWC@jiefusen.com

Tel: +44-20-83626555

EPSILON in United States

Address: EPSILON, Kenwood Ave, Winmington, Delaware

E-mail: EPSILON@epsilon-jwc.com

Tel: +1-910-2512166

Jiefusen & EPSILON in China

R & D Centre : Shanghai Tel: 021-67108107

Marketing & Cloud Centre : Changzhou Tel: 4007800879

Manufacturing Centre: Changzhou

Email : jiefusen@epsilon-jwc.com

Jiefusen in India

Sales Branch : Liberty House,MCA Road,Mumbai

Email : JWC@jiefusen.com

Tel: +91-22-23012513

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