Sponge City in UK

In United Kingdom, the development model of Sponge City is SuDS, which imitates the absorption process of water like nature,and enhances the hydraulic capacity of city. Jiefusen provides rain-sewage divider, pump-station, sediment tank, rain-sewage pipes, river-gate station,etc. In the Olympics Park of London, Jiefusen provides a mount of rain-sewage dividers, rain storage tank underground, and a water recyclable system. This saves a lot of water resource and cost in water using.

The treatment of Medway River. Medway river a branch of the Thames river, the COD and BOD is at a high level, in 1950s, even the body of boat can not resist its corrosion. Jiefusen had transformed sewage treatment process in sewage treatment plants along side Medway river. Activated sludge process, greatly improved COD/BOD index of river, and the river had been divide serval parts by adding river dams. And aquatic plants not only cleaned river, but also beautified the environment. Today the Medway river has achieved great success in water improvement.