Integrated pump-gate.png

Integrated pump-gate

The river gate provides a strong structure, which can be a container, combines pumps, various parts and sensors. The pump-gate can greatly enhance the mobility of river.

Our Advantage

Customized Solutions

According to customer’s conditions and water quality, we provide customized solutions.

Simple and Solid

The pump-gate is a kind of highly integrated product, which occupies a small area, no fixed pump house makes the construction need less work, less time, less investment and the river pass better.

Enhence water mobility

As the pumps working, river can be flowed from two sides, river’s activity and fluidity will be enhanced. Black odorous water will be improved immensely.

Unattended Operation

JWC’s control system makes controller’s work become easier, workers can control station by cell-phone or computer far away, also they can call for our help anytime.